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AAREA was founded to improve the appraisal profession, the professionalism of appraisers and to support and represent our members.
A Word from our Newly Elected President, Steve Hobbs
Letter from the President:

Dear Fellow Appraisers and AAREA Members,
      I am greatly honored and excited to serve as your current President of the AAREA. Over the last couple of months AAREA has put together and filled the Board positions required to execute and operate as a complete board. I am very proud to serve with the following board members; Vice President Mike Roedl, Secretary Suzanne Tamargo, Treasurer Dave Stone and Joanna Conde, Immediate Past President.
      AAREA has achieved great respect in the Real Estate Appraisal industry over the past 10 years and is highly recognized both nationally and within the state of Arizona. AAREA will always be very thankful for the contributions prior board members have made towards the success of our association. We are also grateful for the past contributions made by the membership of this association.
     We would also like to extend our appreciation to all of you who participated in the recent survey. We have already begun to address your concerns. It is our plan to update you regularly. The Board is planning events in 2020 which will include a Forum during the spring. The Forum will include 7 hours of continuing education credits. The Board is also considering another separate event that will include a member's barbecue, rally, and fund-raising event also to be held in the spring. It is the Board's vision for the future to bring appraisers together not only for the growth of our association but also to provide networking opportunities to build relationships within our profession.
      The Board has recently voted to begin charging a yearly fee of twenty-five dollars per member. The membership fee will be due on January 1, 2020. Any fees submitted after February 1, 2020 will be considered late. As a board we recognize and are pleased that nearly all of those that participated in the recent survey agreed that the fee of twenty-five dollars would be very reasonable.
     As president I would like all members to be made aware that no Board members are to benefit personally from funds collected for the benefit of the Association. This is clearly stated within our current AAREA By-Laws.
     In closing I would like to express, to all members of this association, the fact that this Board is fully committed to giving its members not only a voice when there are concerns, but also as a Board we  are very committed to taking the necessary steps to protect the real estate appraisal profession. With a united effort we will make a difference.

Stephen F. Hobbs,  AAREA President

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AAREA Board Members
Steve Hobbs, President
Mike Roedl, Vice President
Suzanne Tamargo, Secretary
David Stone, Treasurer
Joanna Conde, Immediate Past President

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What does AAREA Provide?
  • Peer Review Committee for assistance in answering appraisal questions or if you have a Complaint
  • A way to have your voice heard through our surveys which are presented to the Appraisal Foundation
  • Representation at the Appraisal Standards Board and Appraisal Qualifications Board meeting of the Appraisal Foundation
  • Representation on Appraisal Issues at the Arizona State Legislature
  • Information and updates on issues that could affect your appraisal business
  • Discounts at Office Max/Office Depot
  • DRA Designation
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The Way Forward
AAREA is working for the appraiser with special emphasis on the Arizona appraiser.

We are not funded by lenders or AMCs.

If you are not a member, please join and contribute in giving appraisers a voice.

Become A Member.

Membership is open to any certified, licensed appraiser, or trainee.

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The AAREA Pledge
I pledge to uphold the rules, standards and principles of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

I pledge to perform my appraisal assignments with integrity, independence, objectivity, and impartiality.

I pledge to conduct myself as a professional in my interactions with those I meet during the course of business.

I pledge to promote the appraisal profession by word, by my conduct, and by treating other appraisers with respect.